Scandinavian Spa & Nordic Baths

Absolute pure magic! Located about an hour and a half from Montreal, nestled in the woods on the shores of the Diable River in the sweetest little ski town of Mont Tremblant, where my idea of heaven is. This was a highlight of our annual autumn anniversary trips!

Nordic baths, thermal pools, a solarium which wraps you like a warm blanket, jacuzzi tubs with massaging waterfalls. Reading rooms, hammocks swinging in the woods, an outdoor fireplace with Adirondack chairs. Vapor steam rooms, lounge chairs by the river, covered cabanas on the higher deck overlooking the river. A mediation room, warm tea, marshmallow roasting, cozy robes, and just all-around perfection. Sure we’ve been to many spas before, but never a Scandinavian spa! This is a complete, overall mind, body, and soul experience. It was so amazing!! There’s a three-part system to it…hot baths (102/103 degree Fahrenheit) for 10-15 minutes, then cold dip (52 degrees) for 30 seconds, then pure relaxation in one of the many incredible rest areas for 15 minutes. It is suggested you repeat this pattern at least 3-4 times for maximum benefits. The hot and cold contrast is supposed to stimulate your system to the fullest and recharge you physically and mentally. Nordic baths are said to be among the most effective relaxation techniques out there.

There were also steps that led to a dock on the cold, calm river. I dipped my feet, but hubs went full force. Brave! It was chilly! I heard in the winter when it freezes they cut a hole much like an ice fishing hole so people can jump in! Nuts! We spent about 4 1/2 hours after our 60-minute massages just relaxing in the most gorgeous, peaceful, natural setting. Autumn was THE perfect time to go!! The foliage served as the most naturally gorgeous backdrop and they certainly did not miss one opportunity to celebrate the season.

The temperature outside was 55 degrees, which was actually very comfortable even dressed in just our swimsuits and robes. I do hear winter is fairly awesome here as well. Hmm… another trip in the making? There are friendly deer known to come up to say hello here in the cooler months. We met a few of them at a fab, cozy Italian dinner we enjoyed down the road afterward. They came right up to the restaurant’s front door! We tried every single setting they had. They were all so incredibly comfortable and relaxing. Each served a different purpose, and each completely amazing in their own way. 

We treated ourselves to couples massages before the baths which were wonderful. The staff was super professional and very kind. They were really great but honestly, the rest of the day was truly, truly incredible! The baths stole the show! This was an experience like no other!! One to definitely, without a doubt to put on your bucket list! Ahh-mazing!! The massages were comparably priced to what I’m used to paying in the states, in fact, a tad less. The baths can strictly be entered for a less expensive price, however, you are not guaranteed a spot and they are first come first serve. They only allow a certain number of people in at a time which was really appreciated. There were the perfect amount of people. If you schedule a massage however, you automatically gain entrance to the baths prior or post your massage, your preference. We chose to enjoy them afterward and that is definitely the way to go! Not only did we enter them more relaxed but we had nothing weighing on our minds such as keeping track of time for an upcoming massage. I highly recommend doing massages first!

I also recommend booking them strictly for access to the baths. There were people waiting to get in all day. They were, however, enjoying wine, cheese, and killer views of the property in a gorgeous waiting area seen below, but still.

Oh, and did I forget to mention this is all done in complete silence?! Say what? You’re not even supposed to bring your phone in but I’m the girl who took photos in the Sistine Chapel so there was no stopping me from snapping away. I didn’t disturb anyone though. The silence was actually so refreshing and made all the difference. It was so heavenly. 

I cannot tell you how much you need a trip here! There is a location IN Montreal but it doesn’t look like this beauty. Worth the trip out for sure! A MUST VISIT! Can you believe this place is common for Canadians? How lucky! This was THE perfect, romantic treat. A highlight of our annual autumn anniversary trip for sure. We left two very happy, relaxed parents. I cannot wait to return!! It was rather difficult to leave this magical place.

XOX, Sar

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