Coronavirus Quarantine Bucket-List

My girls (ages 8 & 11) and I have come up with many fun things to do while stuck at home during this mandated quarantine.

We hope you and your family enjoy doing some or all of these!


This may or may not have been inspired by a recent episode of This Is Us. Did you see that one?! ((Que the tears))

• Grab a shoebox

• Have each member of the family place something in it to remember this time in your lives

• Write a note to your future selves

• Figure out a date to reopen it!

• Seal it shut with string or a rubber band!


• Rewatch some episodes together on YouTube for inspiration!

• Have each family member choose their favorite song to sing.

• Gather appropriate props and an outfit to match your chosen song!

• Compete!

(The girls don’t know it yet, but I’m going to crush it with hits from the Mamma Mia soundtrack!)


I threw my eldest daughter a fancy tea at home for her 7th birthday years ago, and she loved it! We all did! Here are some ideas…

• Whip out the herbals, heat some iced tea, apple cider, or juice….whatever you’ve got on hand! Improvise!

• Grab the leftover Girl Scout cookies, biscuits, or make small sammies (Use the lid of a jar to cut small circles out of bread. Think jams and Nutella, cucumbers, and cream cheese to fill!)

• Put on your fanciest dresses, hats, grab your most oversized bows, and guys, get those neckties! (Mamas, maybe let the kiddos even wear your heels!)

• Speak to each other in your best British accent! ((So funny!))

• Pinkies up!

• Read Fancy Nancy or Eloise if you’ve got real littles!


• Grab your old magazines, glue, scissors, old notebooks, computer or construction paper, whatever! (Sometimes, we collage entire boxes for eco-friendly gift-giving! Think of all of those kiddo birthday parties you always have, or maybe start stocking up for the holidays!)

• Go nuts!

• Make it seasonal with flowers, inspirational with quotes geared towards a specific recipient, or go wild and mash up your favorite found photos!


The girls just recently introduced me to this, and I’m still fascinated! She’s sometimes wrong, and when she is, it’s hilarious! (She also does Millionaire! Just ask!)


I recently taught my Brownie troop many line dances and classic dance moves for them to earn their Life Skills badge. We did the Electric Slide, Mony Mony, YMCA, The Twist, The Chicken Dance, Stayin’ Alive, The Mashed Potatoes, The Hand Jive and more! We had an absolute ball! It was such a fun throwback for me!

• Introduce those kiddos to your old favorite jams and crazy dance moves from your youth, whatever decade that may be! Remember the Roger Rabbit? The MC Hammer? OY!

* I will personally be teaching the girls Janet Jackson’s It dance, in addition to showing them the rad moves I used to do in the schoolyard to Paula Abdul, Taylor Dayne, Debbie Gibson, Rick Astley, and so on! Can I get a box step? A boogaloo? Haha!


The girls took a pasta-making class in Tuscany a few years back (while mama wine tasted- Genius!!), and they didn’t use a machine! Making tagliatelle was actually easier than I expected! It was delicious, too. They ask to make this all of the time!

I’m sure you have eggs and flour at home already. Here are a simple recipe and video.

This is the place we visited. While they don’t have the pasta recipe we used, they have many others you may want to try!


• Everyone sits in a circle and draws the person to their left.

(We personally love blind contours where the artist doesn’t look at the paper or pick up their pencils! These turn out especially great with kids, but are really fun for any age because you don’t need to know how to draw to have a successful one!)


Our current favorites (you can have delivered through Amazon) are listed here!


• Grab the tent or make a pillow fort!

• Roast those marshmallows! Don’t have marshmallows or graham crackers? Get creative and sub with Peeps and Oreos!

• We’re going to rewatch Camp Nowhere too. (I had the BIGGEST crush on Andrew Keagen when I was younger! Anyone else?!)


• Bubble or glow stick baths!

• Manis, pedis, at-home face masks. (Hello, Pinterest- let’s be friends!)

• do fancy braids or faux-hawks

• let them give YOU a makeover! OY!


Dave and I LOVE showing the kiddos the movies we adored growing up! Here’s just a few ideas…

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

• My Girl

• The Goonies

• Adventures In Babysitting

• Never Ending Story

• ET


• Enhance a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe with whatever is in your pantry to make your signature family cookie! Combine everyone’s favorite snackeroos ….. Think ‘kitchen sink cookies’ including pretzels, chips, PB, broken up candy bars, nuts, etc.! So fun! Yum!

Drop us a line and let us know which one(s) you’ve enjoyed! Open to suggestions also!

XOX, The Gower Girls

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