Dump & Go: Simple Poolside & BBQ Side Dishes!

It’s unofficially summer!!

That means picnics, poolside parties and cookouts!! Yay!

Whether you’re hosting a BBQ, or headed to one, here are three fool proof, super simple side dishes you can throw together in a serious pinch, because who wants to be inside cooking in this weather anyway?

They’re unique, light, healthy, simple and sure to please. They’re not culinary masterpieces, but will be greatly appreciated.

There’s a seafood, a meat, and of course, a veg dish!

They’re from my old blog years ago, so that’s means they’re tested and family approved 🙂

My extended family loves when I bring these to our pool parties! I hope yours does too!

A fresh change from the old premade fruit salads, veggie and dip platter and potato and pasta salads. Try something new this year! And if you do, let me know how it goes!

Melon Mozzerella Prosciutto Salad

• 1 honeydew melon scooped with a melon baller 

• 1/2 lb fresh deli sliced prosciutto (if you’re local, just head to The Italian Market!)

• 1 tub of mozzarella (The crew prefers the plain balls to the seasoned ones for this simple salad. The prosciutto is quite salty itself, so not much is needed.)

• A TINY dash of cracked black pepper, but really the melon and prosciutto are supposed to shine themselves!

*This one came highly requested by my husband. He fell in love with this dish in Capri. This is my “Americanized” version of it! I added the mozzarella, which makes this a fusion like a caprese.

Spicy Watermelon Cucumber Crab

• 1 can of fresh LUMP crab meat. 

• 2 jalapeño, diced (remove more seeds for a less spicy dish)

• 1.5 large cucumber, peeled and diced

• 1 container of precut watermelon or 1/2 fresh watermelon diced, small 

• Dash of fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt. (I sometimes add a dash of Old Bay Seasoning too!)

Clean, light, simple.  

Red Fruit Salad with Pistachios 

•1 container of blackberries 

•1 container of blueberries 

•1 container of pomegrante seeds 

•1 container of precut watermelon or again, 1/2 watermelon diced

• I used these sunrise raspberries I found at Trader Joes! I had ever seen them before! I subbed this for 1 container of sliced strawberries!

• 1/4 cup of raw pistachios, shelled and crushed.

You can either buy them pre-shelled in the bulk section (Whole Foods & Sprouts) to save time or crack them open on your own. The girls love opening them for us! They love taking a mallet to them even more! 🙂

Pistachios add amazing color, crunch and healthy fats. They are an unexpected addition to any fruits salad! 

*These feeds our gang of 6 adults. Double recipe as needed for your crew!

Cheers to sunshine & splashing! 
XOX, Sar

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