Earthship Biotecture

Hubs and I had JUST watched a documentary about funky, completely sustainable homes made solely from recycled materials, and I couldn’t believe I randomly stumbled upon them in this quiet section of New Mexico. These stunning bad boys made me stop dead in my tracks when we were passing by…

We took a little loop in the main driveway of this development just as the sun was setting. We respected the visitors and homeowners in this private community. Still, we we’re able to see these fantastic structures somewhat up close, close enough to see that what looked like hundreds of rhinestones or grommets of sorts were actually recycled bottles! Very, very cool!! Mind-blowing.

New Mexico’s state gifted these 2 acres of land for him to do with it whatever he wishes to architect Michael Reynolds, who began building sustainable structures like this way back in the 70s!

We noted the fantasy-like shapes, which the girls thought looked like curvy castles. We saw the solar panels and, of course, the gorgeous snow-capped San Cristobal Mountains in the distance, which made the loveliest backdrop to these thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly pieces of artwork.

These shelters are almost 100% self-sufficient homes. They have no electrical grid, no water lines, and no sewer. They are heated and cooled greenly too.

You can rent and enjoy these homes and all of their earth-friendly benefits! Information for rentals and tours is on their website, which is quite informative overall. You can read about their mission and where these Earthships are located all over the world… Haiti, Indonesia, and Northern Europe are a few places!

They have a blog, webinars, building missions, simple survival tips, and many other eco-living resources and catapulting yourself into an overall sustainable lifestyle.

You can even order Earthship kits to make your own from their site! How wild?! There’s also an Earthship Survival App! What?!

I LOVE and am completely fascinated by all things green and the Earthship concept! All Earthships follow the same design principles:

-Thermal/solar cooling & heating

-Solar/Wind electricity

-Contained Sewage Treatment- the homes reuse all household waste without polluting.

-Recycled and Natural materials- all materials must be locally sourced by products

-Water Harvesting- all rain water and snow melt is collected and reused 4 times!

-Food Production- the gallons of water from the sinks and showers can be used for all year growing produce indoors.

If you are just a little bit green and want to learn how people push self-sustainability to the ultimate limit, this place is for you! Whether you’re driving by, want to plan a stay in one of these wonders, tour the interior, or even build your own, definitely check them out! It’s all so genuinely outstanding and incredibly inspiring!

A stay here is definitely on my radar for my next visit to this region! It’s located just down the road from The Rio Grande Overlook Bridge and was on our journey from Ojo Caliente to Taos Pueblo, making it a convenient stay while visited either or both of those attractions. It’s also located just near the ski mountains, so it’s a perfect stay any time of year!

Don’t forget to check out the Rio Grande (seen above) and look for the long-horned cattle on the side of the roads nearby!

Stay green! XOX, Sar

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