Favorite Ball Park Food Costumes!

‘Halloween Night’ with The Phillies was a blast! As I mentioned before, themed nights at the ballpark are my favorites! Grateful Dead, Star Wars, etc. It really makes the games THAT much more fun!

When a dear friend gave us tickets to a game we couldn’t attend because of the Jewish holidays, we actually traded them for another night. Did you guys know you could do that?! It was so simple!

Anyway, we had no idea the game we chose as our traded night was actually ‘Halloween Night’, that is until hubs checked The Phillies schedule online about an hour and a half before the game! Ummmmmm…..

My first instinct was to simply dress the kiddos in black and orange…” but it’s only September” I thought. Next, I thought to make them a quick costume. What to be at the ballpark? Hmmmmm… I have two girls, “what about ‘A League Of Their Own’ costumes?” But they had never seen the movie (which will change soon!). Hmmmmm…..

What about their favorite foods to eat at the ballpark?! YESSSSSSS!! And so, my cotton candy or “candy cotton” (as she calls it) little girl became just that, and her salty anything loving sister became popcorn…

I threw together these super simple costumes in just over an hour, and so can you! One very quick trip to Walmart and I had everything I needed! I also linked some of the products you’ll need in my Amazon Shop under ‘Favorite Ball Park Food Costumes’. They are of course cheaper at Walmart, but the convenience of Amazon Prime is just so irresistible sometimes, isn’t it?!!

My apologies, I didn’t take pictures of the process because I was rushing and had no idea I would be sharing, but I feel I should, so hopefully, this is good enough! Feel free to comment with any questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

What you’ll need:


• 1 bag of pillow stuffing available

• baby pink spray paint

• one piece of white cardboard

• styrofoam cone

• a headband you’re willing to ruin.

• a baby pink leotard (got or for $7!)

• light-colored leggings if you don’t have a pair at home!


• white duct tape

• bright yellow spray paint

• white tee shirt you’re willing to ruin. )They have The Granimal brand for dirt cheap!)

• red skirt (it doesn’t matter what kind as long as you can lay tape flat on it. Pettiskirts won’t work) or tank of you know how to sew! If you do, add some elastic to your shopping cart!

• white computer paper or napkins

• red bow ( we used Jo Jo ones they sell at Walmart) to complete the look, head to toe!)

*You will need scissors, hot glue sticks, and gun for both!


•simply glue chunks of your pillow fill all over the leotard, building it up around the torso.

• spray with pink spray outside (don’t freak if you don’t get it perfect, that’s why you have the baby pink behind it!) Because I was short on time I hung the outfit from a chandelier in front of my AC vent to dry quickly.

* Don’t forget to pull a sprayed chunk off for the headpiece!


•roll the white poster-board into a cone shape and glue over the styrofoam cone.

• glue the covered cone onto your headband and add the small piece of pink sprayed foam around the bottom to cover where the band meets the cone.

Place leotard over light-colored leggings!


• take white shirt ( we used an old one) and crumble paper or in our case leftover napkins and glue them to shirt. Make sure you leave the edge down to create a smooth surface up top!

• continue to do so over the entire shirt.

• take outside to spray yellow. DON’T spray the entire napkin or paper. You want some white to show!

• cut white duct tape and apply it evenly spaced on leaving the same amount of red all around the skirt. (I couldn’t find one last minute so I used a tank top of mine and sewed in elastic waistband.)

* For both costumes I only did the front, not only to save time but because I wanted them to be able to sit and watch the game comfortably! If you’re making this for trick or treating, go ahead and do it 360!

We had some red shoes and some baby pink chucks already. Black leggings too because it was a chilly night. We brought along denim jackets, which fit over the outfits perfectly!

The girls were such a huge hit and they had a ball (pun not intended, but I’ll take it!). It was kitschy, fun, and appropriate! AND we scored so many home runs, started the “wave” and won! Oh, and the Fun Zone they have here in Philly was tastefully decorated like a haunted house! It was awesome! I’m definitely putting this event on the list again for next year!

My “Popcorn” finally made it to the top of the 35ft rock wall and my “Cotton Candy” ate herself… laughing the entire time.

Let me know if you make these! I would love to see!

XOX, Sar

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