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“Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing’s going to change, it’s not”- The Lorax

Living a greener life and reducing my impact on the environment is ALWAYS a top priority of mine. I’m constantly looking for new ways to use less, and in turn, do more!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite “green” household products and small ways you can start making a big impact if you’re not already!

All products, unless otherwise stated, are listed here!


This may seem like one of the most obvious ways to cut out waste, but not everyone is participating! Let’s change that! Please say no to plastic water bottles and cups!

This is one of the absolute simplest ways to help the environment (for some on a daily basis)…and it can save you money, too.

I personally have a ceramic mug for tea in the winter….(find these cute, customizable monogram stickers for your mug on Etsy!) …and an iced beverage one for the rest of the year!

I’m currently obsessed with this matte black one (and the matte black car that matches, which sits outside of my Starbucks every day 🙂 )


We use these uber groovy, metallic colored stainless steel straws instead of plastic. They are super inexpensive and come in a little bag I keep in my car! They also come with a tiny brush, perfect for a deep cleaning!

Ask waiters at restaurants to refrain from giving them to you at your table and take note of which to-go places now offer sipping cups to avoid the use of straws altogether! (Hint: Starbucks is one of them!)


If you’re local and don’t have the Recyclebank app, get it now! With this, you can earn points, and in turn, rewards for the amount you recycle! They also have bonus opportunities for reading educational articles right in the app!

We’ve attained coupons for restaurants and various kids’ activities…for what we’re already doing anyway!


Shopping farmers’ markets is a great way to not only extend the life of your produce (because it’s fresher when you purchase it, as it didn’t have to travel far to get to you!), but it’s a wonderful way to help your community AND decrease the fuel fumes going into the ozone because of that lessened travel time! This is an all-around win! I mean, how many times have you thrown away veggies because they spoil by the time you’ve gotten to them?! So lame!

There are many incredible markets all around Philly! Check them out at Food Trust!

I’m personally partial to Rittenhouse on Saturdays and Fountain Farmers’ on Passyunk on Wednesdays, but that one is seasonal.


I joined this organization a couple of years ago, and not only does it delivery my green goods right to my door for FREE (after a yearly membership fee of $19.99 for UNLIMITED shipping!) on the date of MY choosing, but it helps me find really neat new products for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

This site sends emails and texts reminding me my chosen shipping date is approaching, so I can add or subtract whatever I need in time.

Grove also makes life easier for this busy mama because I have our regular monthly goods on auto-ship, so I never run out anymore!

I order our unbleached recycled paper towels and toilet paper monthly, as well as the newest scents of our Meyers natural cleaning products! (I CANNOT get enough of the latest scents. Currently, I’m into peony and lilac for spring!)

I also order neat things, such as walnut dish scrubbers, bamboo floor cleaner, natural dental floss, dryer balls, lip glosses and so much more! There’s a section specifically for kids and babies, too!

Use my link to sign up and receive a 5 piece gift. They regularly offer free products for a certain dollar amount purchase also!

They are currently offering 15% off everything for Earth Day! Yay! Hurry!


Do you ever feel bad about just tossing the food scraps from that killer recipe? Start composting them! Even if you don’t have a garden, there are companies that collect your scraps and turn them into rich fertilizer for people who do!

I’ve linked a typical 5 gallon, food-safe composting bin in the shop, but if you’re local, one of the companies who offer pick up service at a minimal cost AND offers a FREE month trial is Bennett Compost!

*It’s so simple! You just place the full bin outside of your door on your scheduled day, just as you would trash and recycling! Easy!


I’m OBSESSED with these glass food storage jars with bamboo lids from Ikea! They stack so neatly, are insanely durable, are obviously better than plastic AND they look gorgeous in the pantry and fridge!

They make food storage chic and perfectly organized, and you can clearly see exactly what’s inside! They don’t stain or scratch like plastic can either!

They come in a variety of sizes and are round or squared edge, too. I personally prefer the square and rectangle shape. They just fit easier!


Whether it be for fruit, grains, nuts, and even baking ingredients, we used use mesh bags or natural cloth bags, (whichever is appropriate for the food), and prioritize shopping the bulk section first! (We then transfer our goods right to those glass jars listed above!

Sprouts Organic and Whole Foods have my absolute favorite bulk sections!! Dreamy! I’m honestly like a kid in a candy store in the bulk section!


I traded my paper napkins for fabric ones a few years back, and I love it! Not only are we saving trees one meal at a time, but I also switch them out for seasons and holidays! So fun!

*As a general rule, I always purchase more than I need in case one gets stained….and then it becomes a rag.

I love the stripes ones above from World Market. They remind me of our quick-drying beach towels from Greece!


The days of fast fashion are OVER!! These days it’s all about quality versus quantity, and only buying and keeping what ‘sparks joy’ (Thanks Marie Kondo!) And so, more and more companies are thinking of clothing pieces that will not only REMAIN staples in your wardrobe but ones that are made consciously and with positive global impact!

A company I’m LOVING right now is Kate Hudson’s new line, HappyXNature! Not only are the boho clothes created from organic, naturally dyed fabrics, but many of the fabrics are also made from recycled plastic bottles!! How crazy cool is that?!

I’m in love with my new ‘Goldie’ dress, named after her gorgeous mama. It’s so effortless, comfy, and such a great midi dress to take you from spring to summer. It felt like sunshine!

All of their goods are shipped with recycled packaging, too!

I hope you found a few new ways to go green! Again, here’s the shop with most of the goods and don’t forget to take advantage of that 15% off Grove today!!

Happy Earth Day,

XOX, Sar

P.S. Thanks Dad, for being the recycling king, and instilling this mindset in me at a very young age. You’re an inspiration!

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