Gower Girls Go

My little adventurous girls and I have traveled SOLO to every continental US state and through 28 National Parks …so far! Just us three girls on the open road! They are the youngest siblings to ever conquer the lower 48!

Our last trip was just shy of a month on the road and 10,462 miles travel…yes, I drove them all myself.

While some may think traveling alone with young ones (we first headed north to experience all of New England, through coastal Maine, up to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and circled the infamous Cabot Trail by ourselves when they were just 4 & 6 years old) sounds like quite the task, I think it’s absolutely thrilling!! There’s not much in this life I love more than showing them every inch I can of this incredible country, and one day, this world.

I live by the mottos ‘not all classrooms have four walls’ and ‘learn by doing’. We jump in head first and come back storytellers.

I honestly don’t believe there’s a better way to teach them than by taking them out to experiencing it all firsthand. This is what motivates me most in life!

I fill our trips with what I consider to be “the perfect recipe”… culture, nature, history, relaxation, kids play and experiencing places as only locals do.

My girls know how to pitch a tent in under 4 minutes using a “hammer rock”, how to act if they see a bear, how to combat altitude sickness, and also how to enjoy spa days at incredible retreats, take in the finest museums and enjoy room service in plush robes just the same.

From Mount Rushmore to living pueblos, from snowball fights in summer at the top of peaks with mountains goats to making friends with bison, to following actual untouched dinosaur tracks and spotting petroglyphs, we do it all!

I would love to share with you here our itineraries, how we pack for such excursions and our must-haves. What we do when we drive, where to splurge and when to save, my no tablet rules, why I usually have NO accommodations booked prior to road-tripping, some of the super unique places we’ve stayed such as 100 year old hand-painted Najavo tipis and magical treehouses in the woods. Why and how I choose our destinations, and how I think traveling differs from vacationing and which one we do when.


Fab Philly Mom

Dad who sells Philly and Mom who has “done” all of it with her two urban babies.

Aiming to raise our children to be the most cultured, extremely well-rounded, street-smart individuals.

Here you’ll find the hot and happening, as well as the historic. The super fun paces to take the kiddos, the adult-only spots to hit up for date night, holiday goodies, free and discounted activities, day trips and weekend getaways from the city, and certainly the “best of” well, everything!

We love this fab city we call home more with each passing day and want share it with the world!


The Turquoise Table

“I don’t feel superior because I’m vegan. The truth is I’m vegan because I don’t feel superior to anything.”

Plant-based mama of twenty years and her lil vedge heads who have been since in the womb.

Sharing our family recipes, how easy it can be to eat plant-based at home, snacks you’re eating that you have no idea are indeed vegan, plant-based finds from around the globe, plant-based adapted versions of your favorite recipes, and how being cruelty-free goes beyond what we put on our plate, but what we wear on our feet, around our necks, put on our skin, and clean our homes with also.

Finding new ways to be an ethical, greener, more globally conscious family everyday.

Would love to share….and maybe even inspire!


Sari Marissa aka Fab Philly Mom is passionate about sharing her travels and the fun she has in her city with her supportive husband and two super adventurous little girls.

Sari has traveled to 48 states, 36 National Parks, 25 countries and 4 continents....so far.

Sari is currently enrolled in a 200hr YTT (yoga teacher training) and has recently co-founded Philadelphia’s first official Challah For Hunger chapter.

There is never a time when Sari is not planning an adventure!