It Was All A Dream…

Kinda the coolest! Dream Machine is an awesome interactive pop-up art installation focusing on dreams!

In a converted warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn you’ll find nine different insanely instagram-worthy rooms representing different aspects of dreaming. Your imagination will run wild!

There’s a room filled with fluffy clouds and changing blue lights.

A room with bubbles, some were filled liquid smoke you can burst to create a foggy effect. Trying to burst only those was a hoot. There we were given seltzer shots of either black cherry, lemon or vanilla cream. Black cherry was awesome! Ooh, be careful in this room…the floor can get a bit slippery.

There’s a neon day-glow painted lush green jungle room and a perfectly positioned spot for photo ops.

There’s a rainbow tunnel with changing lights. The kiddos had a ball running up and down this one!Silver foil streamer curtains you can get happily lost in.There’s a black and white room that reminded me of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s work and was dedicated for those folks who don’t dream in color.There’s a laundry room complete with a cotton candy man handing out complimentary sticks and baskets you can ride in! How fun! Doing laundry never looked so appealing before!!

Behind the washing machine is a hidden dryer room with hanging crystals you carefully walk through as the lights all around you change color.

Our favorite was by far the blue ball pit made to feel like you’re under water! We could’ve stayed in there all day!

It’s all so trippy and surreal! We just couldn’t get enough!

We brought the kiddos and we couldn’t decide who loved it more! It’s super family-friendly! Kids under three are free. Everyone older than that pays the same $38 price per ticket which must be purchased in advance on their site. Digital download available.

The staff was exceptional! All smiles. All super friendly and helpful. Taking pictures for us, leading us in the right direction and making sure everyone had a fair amount of time in each room. It’s was all very well organized. Kuddos to them…especially on opening weekend!

We showed up just a few minutes before our scheduled time and barely waited.

We parked free, unmetered out front of the warehouse.

We stayed about an hour or so.

There’s a small gift shop with handmade goods from local artists near the exit. 100% of the proceeds got to the artist themselves.

Don’t forget to write your dream on the chalkboard! Mine was to travel the world!! (Obviously)

We had an absolutely amazing time!!!

RUN! GO! It’s only there for a bit over a month (April 5th-May 31st 10am-10pm) and time slots do sell out quickly. Tag me in your pics if you do, and let me know how you liked it!

Always roaming,

XOX, Sar

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