Leftover Apple Challah French Toast

You will never regret having too many apples diced, seasoned, and ready to go after apple picking each year! It’s nice to have them ready in a pinch for a variety of dishes that honor this fabulous time of year!

We always take a couple out of the bushels of freshly picked apples, peel, and dice them immediately. We add a few drops of pure vanilla, some shakes of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, sometimes even some pumpkin pie spice, and store the seasoned apples in containers in the fridge. (You can even freeze them for quick seasonal dishes to make in a pinch at a later date and time.)

I have no exact recipe for the seasoning. We shake and taste. Sorry!

The morning after Rosh Hashanah din each year I always make my kiddos challah french toast as we always have a nice chunk of challah leftover!

Locally in Philly, Essen Bakery on Passyunk is THEE hottest, it’s also the hardest to get this time of year. Order in advance!

If you’re looking for a dairy-free variety, hit up Homemade Goodies By Roz for water challah with no egg wash.

With a few other ingredients you will probably already have in your pantry, you will have the simplest, most delicious, seasonal breaky that will have your kiddos saying “Mom, that looks awesome!” Well, at least that’s what my kids said 🙂

This recipe made a stack large enough for my two littles and me to enjoy, but keep stacking accordingly for a larger fam or a hungrier you


•large slices of challah (amount depends on how large of a stack you want. Minimum is 3)

•Organic almond milk (This one is Pacifico brand from Whole Foods bought at room temperature on the shelf in the box not in the refrigerated section.)

•1 tablespoon virgin organic coconut oil

•Leftover diced season apples diced (cinnamon and honey or agave, if you desire)

•1/2 cup Raw pecans (again from Whole Foods bulk section)

•Extra cinnamon to taste!


•Prep your skillet with melted coconut oil on

medium flame.

•Meanwhile, fill a shallow bowl with your organic almond milk. (Enough to fully submerge your slices of challah).

•”Batter” your challah completely.

•Place challah side by side in your skillet, covering each side in a dusting of cinnamon on both sides.

•Crisp your challah about 3 minutes on each side. Then flip. That smell!!! Delish!!

•Use your spatula to plate your first slice.

•Add sliced, diced apple mixture and add 1/3 of your pecans

•Continue for the next three layers or as high as desired.

•Add some extra apples and pecans to the top layer for garnish.

*Syrup or agave is not necessary as this is simply sweet and DELISH as is. But feel free to go nuts!

The challah is nice and crispy!

The apples are softened and sweet.

Oooh, some raisins would be nice too!

And the best part, no animals were harmed in the making of this deliciousness.

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy! Mine looks forward to this dish every year!

From our sweeties to you and yours,

Shana Tova!

Thanks for stopping by!

XOX, Sar

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