Roaming The Redwoods

“This land was made for you and me”…is what we sang as we roamed around this magical forest. It’s always been on my list to hug a Redwood. Perhaps it’s because of the patriotic song, but it felt like such an “All American” thing to do.

These babies are even more majestic in person and seeing my girls stand next to them was such an awesome way to put their age, and life in general into perspective. “Sometimes living large means feeling small”. Indeed.

We headed in for a hike early in the morning. It was pretty foggy which is apparently common for the area. It affected the quality of my photos, but added such a level of mood and mystery which was perfect for just getting lost into this wondrous forest and leaving it all behind. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way to tell you the truth.

I can certainly see why this was a great place to shoot Lost World: Jurassic Park, Return of The Jedi, Rise Of The Planet Apes, and Outbreak. So creepy cool!

I loved the juxtaposition of the lush, bright greens, and moss and the dead trunks which were perfect for kiddos to hide in!

You can easily do a short or longer hike and still see what you want to either way. Personally, I could stay for hours and hours just wandering.

Highlights were definitely the massive herds of friendly elk and being so close to the beach which for some reason I didn’t realize we would be. I remember thinking how amazing it was that so many of my favorite things, all so drastically different are all found in one area here. Very cool! If I return I would do half a day hike then chill on the beach for a night bonfire and cookout just down the road afterward. Awesome!

I did feel it was a strange National Park as far as the entrance is concerned. I didn’t really see an official one as I do with most National Parks, just signs. Maybe because there’s no entrance fee? Perhaps it was because we were there so early we were the only ones? Not sure. No cell reception in the area so makes sure you know where you’re headed. Drive slow around the bends. The fog makes it hard to see a bit.

A must for nature lovers! So glad to have made it here!!

For as many times as I’ve been to California, this was my first time this far north! (Definitely not my last!)

Stay wild! XOX, Sar

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