Rooster Soup

How could you not give anyone that donates 100% of their proceeds less than rave reviews?! I don’t even really understand how famed Philly restauranteur, Michael Solomanov does it, but I think it’s remarkable, and it feels really good dining here at Rooster Soup!

The place is super cozy! It has all of those old-school classic 70’s diner feels. It is super small, mostly two tops and counter seats available, but there are few booths for larger parties. We found coming at a bit of an off-time helps with wait times.

Rooster Soup is tucked ever so cleverly underneath falafel fave Goldie. You can easily eat at one and grab takeout for din from the other making it a one-stop-shop as we have before. (Personally, I would recommend Soup here and grab an irresistible tahini milkshake for dessert to-go from Goldie).

The menu is fairly simple… A grilled cheese of the day, a couple of salads, sammies, and blue plate specials which includes fried spaghetti and meatballs from 5-8 pm too.

A highlight is obviously their namesake, the classic soups which always include the creamy cauliflower (vegan), smoked matzoh ball, classic tomato (vegetarian) topped with Goldfish, and an apple butternut squash soup.

Cup or bowl.

Quarts available.


Oh, and there are two combo meals also.

The cauliflower soup is out of this world!!! It’s thick and creamy, has THEE perfect consistency, and it’s topped with slivered macadamia nuts giving it a little bite which I like in a soup!!

Kiddos enjoy the smoky-tasting tomato with matzoh ball added since the matzoh ball comes in chicken broth my vegetarian kiddos don’t eat. Those Goldfish they sprinkle on top are sure to make any kid, big or small smile.

Last visit we each got a cup of soup and split the Thai salad which was super tasty! It’s filled with shredded carrots, peanuts, cilantro, and scallions in a tangy citrus dressing. It was fresh and crunchy, and when eaten with the soups, it was enough for a satisfying lunch!

Their desserts I hear are not to be missed. Perhaps take a slice of their pie home…coconut cream is said to be a fan favorite! Apple crumb and banana cream are offered as well. Kiddos split a classic root beer float they downed in seconds flat during our last visit…

Alcoholic beverages such as classic cocktails including a house Bloody Mary, beer, and wine are available.

Grab them discounted during Happy Hour along with $5 burgers and $4 meatballs Monday-Friday from 5-7 pm.

I absolutely LOVE the concept, mission, and vibes of this place! I will continue to dine here and give back to The Broad Street Ministry by doing so.


Happy noshing!

Xox, Sar

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