Sea Salted Apple Pecan Tart

This simple vegan, gluten-free, no sugar added tart has been my go-to dessert every September for the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah!

The kiddos get so excited to help out and everyone loves it, even the toughest critics of dairy-free goodies. It’s super moist, spiced perfectly, and has excellent texture.

What you’ll need:

12 pitted Medjool dates

1/2 c pecans

1/2 c pistachios

1 tbs cinnamon

1/2 tbs nutmeg

5 gala apples

2 tbs pure vanilla

Unionized sea salt

1 teaspoon virgin organic coconut oil

Part of the fun, especially when making this with the kids is picking your own apples! Mine LOVE telling their Mom-Mom & Poppy “we picked the apples in there ourselves!!” The pride is just too adorable!!! Locally our favorite place to do so is Linvilla Orchards. Picking there has been our annual tradition since my youngest was just born.

Raw pie crusts are actually fairly simple!! They make a fantastic base for any type of raw pie. We used a similar one for our key lime tartlets we made in a previous post. Any combination of nuts can be used. Today we used pistachios and pecans for a nice fall flavor.

Combine the nuts with your 12 dates in your food processor and you have your crust mixture! Easy!Simply grease the bottom and sides of your pie pan for with coconut oil for easy removal when it’s time to serve. We just used a 9″ springform. Nothing fancy.

Press this mix firmly with your fingers into the bottom of the pan and freeze for 20 minutes.

Next, peel and dice your apples!

(We actually do this right when we get home from the orchard. We sit and do it all at once. We place them in storage containers with the vanilla and spices and let it soak overnight so the apples soften and absorb all of the goodness completely. It’s not a huge deal if you don’t, it’s just what we have grown accustomed to doing. It’s nice to have the spiced apples peeled and ready to use for homemade apple sauce, apple pancakes, and more in a pinch.

You will never regret having extra spiced apples ready to go laying around. You can freeze them!

Next, you will remove your pan from the freezer and top with the apple mixture. Again, press somewhat firmly and evenly and refreeze. I left it in here until it was time to leave for dinner, about another 25 minutes will do the trick.

Carefully remove the pie from the pan. The coconut oil you greased with should allow for it to slide easily, but carefully taking a knife around the edge before doesn’t hurt either.  Simply pop out and plate.

Top with a heavy pinch of your sea salt and a few more pecans and you are all set! Sweet! Look at that texture!

Best wishes for a sweet new year from our family to yours! You don’t have to be Jewish or religious to celebrate….we are all still approaching a new season, the absolute best, in my opinion, and that’s reason enough for me to want to recharge, regroup and grow.

It’s also a wonderful time to think about what you want either want to accomplish new this (Jewish) year or what you want to complete for the rest of the year!

XOX, Sar

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