Spa Castle!

This year, in honor of Mother’s Day, we decided to do something totally different….we had a family spa day!! Say what?!!

Dave and I have done spa trips together, and the girls and I have also (in places like Colorado and New Mexico), but I always had trouble finding kid-friendly spas here in the NE section of the country. That is until I stumbled upon Spa Castle in Queens, NY!

And so, the four of us went together for the very first time ever and had THEE best day imaginable!! Like, it was unreal!

Upon arrival, we were given waterproof bracelets that coordinated with our lockers. These bracelets were also hooked up to our debit cards, making it super convenient to snack and drink our way around the spa without having to carry a bag, money, or belongings. (The girls thought they were back in Disney and this was their magic band!) 🙂

We started the day off leisurely in our robes and bathing suits with a trip to the smoothie bar and buffet, since we arrived first thing in the morning, which I highly suggest. I indulged in blackberry ice tea and all the fresh fruit my heart desired. The gang filled up on all sorts of prepared food, delicious salads, lightbulb drinks, and Dave even had a reuben made to order.

*The buffet is perfect for carnivores and veg-heads alike!

We then jumped right in, literally! First up was the indoor massage chair pool, which was definitely one of my favorites!

I mean, how gorgeous is this room?!

It had big, bright windows that overlooked the outdoor pools!

It was difficult for me to leave that pool, but it was time to explore some more…

The outdoor pools are complete with many different water features, including jets for massaging different areas of the body (I loved the calf massagers!) and a gorgeous lion fountain, too! Check-out the bridge in the distance…this is sooo NY!

The outdoor area is so stunning! It had terra-cotta shingles roofs that reminded me of Spain or Tuscany and gorgeous columns like in Greece. In fact, many people on my Instagram thought a pic of us here I posted WAS from Greece! It’s all so beautiful!

We came on a perfect day! It was mid 60’s- low 70’s, and although the temperature wasn’t quite pool weather, the pools are heated, and with the sun, it felt like the most wonderful mild summer day!

I highly recommend coming on a similar day if you can, although if it were rainy, what I’m about to show you next will certainly keep you happy inside…

The ‘Sauna Village’ was unreal!! It’s hard to choose a favorite, but the jade sauna encrusted with jewels was a stunner…

…and I’m always a fan of pink Himalayan salt!

The kiddos loved the gold and the ice room! Dyl couldn’t stop drawing in the ice!

Heading in here right after sweating it out in the other rooms is just the BEST feeling! They say the combo is great for opening up your pores!

They also have color therapy rooms where you choose the color in your booth according to the mood you want to achieve. As you can imagine, this was a big hit with the girls! It was so relaxing just lounging under the infrared lights……and definitely intense in their hottest room, the soil sauna, which has a temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit! Do you think you could do it?!

The girls then snuck in a midday ice-cream break by the pool…

Dave and I had couples massages, which is always such a treat for hardworking parents, and aren’t we all?

I went for aromatherapy while he stuck with Swedish. It was honestly the most incredible massage I’ve ever had! Ask for Colin! OMG! Simply amazing!!

We ended the day with a traditional Korean meal of Bibimbap (비빔밥) with banchan (sides) and the girls playing in the kiddos play area.

Oh, and then we took one last soak, only this time it was au naturale, in the women-only pools down below where the lockers are located. It was so freeing!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience here! It was such an awesome way to relax and regroup while having fun as a family! I loved it so much I want to make a trip to Spa Castle a regular thing for us, and definitely a regular Mother’s Day outing each year! It was simply the best one yet!

Check them out here! They have memberships and even a party room! Think showers, bachelorette parties, or birthday celebrations! How fun!

Things to keep in mind:

Bring your bathing suits, but don’t worry about flip flops, it’s complete shoe-free. You can, however, rent slippers if you so desire.

Also, they provide a uniform (shorts and a tee). Bathrooms are just $7 though, and the way I felt most comfortable!

Thanks again, Spa Castle, for making me feel like such a princess!

XOX, Sar

*Many have asked where my swimsuit is from. It’s by Kate Spade and you can find it here. I love how covered it is, yet I still felt flirty and sexy with the ruffle sleeve!


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