The Power of Gems, Stones, & Colors, According to Ayurveda

Gems, stones, and colors contain energy vibrations with powerful healing properties. According to Dr. Vasant Lad and The Science Of Ayurveda, this energy can be received by a person wearing and utilizing gems, stones, or specific colors.

Ayurveda, the ancient art of self-healing, even says that by placing certain gems and stones in water overnight and drinking that water in the morning can be very beneficial. More about that below!

Gems both give and draw in energy through negative and positive vibrations. That energy centers in the body and helps to develop various sensitivities.

Below is a list of gems, the classic rainbow colors, and stones. Listed beside them are their correlating elements and the benefits they hold for specific individuals based on birthdate and doshas. A dosha is a human constitution or prakruti (Sanskrit). In Ayurveda, every individual is born with all three doshas, VATA, PITTA, KAPHA, but one or two are primary. Not sure what your dosha is? Take this quiz to find out!

*You might notice your birthstone below may vary from what you’ve always believed. These are Ayurvedic stones, not modern zodiac stones.


For Healing: amethyst, bloodstone, pearl

To experience subtle effects of energy: diamonds, lapis, ruby

To attract creativity: bloodstone, pearl

To develop psychic ability: lapis

For receptivity: agate, beryl

To provide general protection: beryl, lapis

For protection from cold: carbon steel

For protection against anger: pearl, opal



Smokey color

(Contains the elements ETHER, AIR & FIRE)

• protect against fear

• help young children to walk earlier and maintain balance

• stimulates spiritual awaking

• helps to relieve KAPHA disorders

* should be worn around the neck on a gold necklace


Purple, blue, or violet.


• individual dignity, love, compassion & hope

• helps control emotional temperament

• good for VATA & PITTA imbalances

* worn around the neck on gold.


Yellow, green, or blue


• stimulates excess PITTA

• relieves excess VATA & KAPHA

• promotes intelligence, power, prestige, and position in society

• enhances the value of art & music

* wear around the neck on silver or on the left ring finger in a silver ring


Quartz with specks of red


• best blood purifier

• promotes spiritual upbringing of children

• good for liver & spleen disorders

• helps with anemia

* worn in a good necklace near the heart


White, blue, or red


• brings subtle vibrations to the heart, brain & deeper tissue

• colorless diamonds stimulate VATA & KAPHA & calms PITTA

• brings prosperity & is spiritually uplifting.

• Diamonds are a heart tonic! For this treatment, place your diamond in a glass of water overnight & drink the next day!

* should be worn on the right ring finger in gold. Tell your partner that low-quality diamonds will have negative effects on the body!


Red, black, green, yellow, white


(Green-FIRE & AIR)

(White- WATER)

• red, yellow & brown have a heating effect & are beneficial for VATA & KAPHA disorders.

• white & green varieties are useful for PITTA

* worn around the neck in gold for VATA & KAPHA. Silver is best for PITTA


Blue, violet, or green


• strengthens eyes

• heavenly & sacred

• gives strength to the body, mind & consciousness

• makes the wearer more sensitive to higher vibrations

• good for VATA & KAPHA

* worn around the neck on a gold necklace


Gray or white


• absorbs lunar energy

• resembles the moon

• calms the mind

• cooling energy relieves PITTA

• related to human emotions

• affects bodily waters

• heals emotional stress & upsets from new or full moons

• will relieve disturbed VATA & PITTA

• aggregates KAPHA


Red, yellow-red, orange-yellow


• aids growth in children

• gem of love, G-d, faith & compassion

• promotes feelings of kindness & friendship

• good for VATA & KAPHA

* worn on right index finger in a gold ring or around the neck in gold.




• cooling & calming effects

• healing properties

• purifies blood

• anti-PITTA properties

• in ash form can be used to treat stomach & intestinal diseases

• can treat hepatitis & gallstones

• is a hemostatic & can aid in stopping bleeding in gums or when the blood appears in vomit.

• strengthen & promotes vitality

• pearl tonic can be made to alleviate burning in urine & eyes. It can also act as a natural antacid and help with minor inflammation.

Make tonic by placing 4-5 small pearls in water overnight & drink the following day!

* wear on the right ring finger in silver



• comes directly from the sea

• absorbs energy from Mars

• contains calcium

• calms PITTA

• blood purifier

• helps control hate, anger & jealousy if worn on the index or ring finger of the right hand.



• helps concentration & mental energy

• strengthens the heart

• good for excess VATTA & KAPHA

• PITTA is sensitive to it

* left ring finger in gold or silver


Violet or purple


• neutralizes VATA

• helps with sciatica, epilepsy, hysteria, neurological pain, rheumatism

• counteracts negative effects of Saturn

* wear around the neck in a gold setting


Straw-yellow, wine-yellow, greenish, or reddish-blue


• promotes passion

• relieves fear

• gives strengths & intelligence

* to be worn on right index finger in a gold ring or on hold necklace around the neck


In Ayurveda, the seven natural colors found in a rainbow correlate with the doshas. Below you will find a list of the colors and their uses.

Ayurvedic science believes that water in a clear jar wrapped with a rainbow gel film and left in the sun for four hours will be infused with the colors’ bright vibrations. Anyone who drinks that water will reap those vibrational benefits.


• related to blood & promotes the formations of red blood cells

• has heating properties

• creates heat in the body & stimulates circulation

• gives the energy to nerve tissue & bone marrow

• relieves aggravated VATA & KAPHA

• overexposure to red can cause an overabundance of PITTA


• warm, healing energy

• aids spiritual seekers

• gives energy to the sexual organs

• should be used to promote celibacy in order to transform sexual energy into Supreme Consciousness

• helps to relieve aggregated VATA & PITTA

• relieves congestion

• maintains luster in the skin

• too much orange isn’t good for PITTA


• energy rises to crown chakra when exposed to yellow

• stimulates understanding & intelligence

• connected with the complete death of the ego

• overuse can cause excess bile in the small intestine

• may aggravate PITTA

• relieves VATA & KAPHA


• calming effect

• creates freshness

• brings energy to the heart chakra

• soothes emotions & brings happiness to the heart

• calms excess VATA & KAPHA

• aggregates PITTA

• overuse of green stimulates the concentration of bile which can create gall stones


• the color of Pure Consciousness

• calming & cooling effect on body & mind

• relieves pigmentation issues in the skin

• helps with liver disorders

• aggregates PITTA

• overuse can aggregate VATA & KAPHA and cause congestion.


• color of Cosmic Consciousness

• brings the awakening of awareness

• creates lightness in the body

• relieves aggregated PITTA & KAPHA

• overuse may aggravate VATA

I hope you find this post and information as useful and intriguing as I did!

XOX, Sar

Ayurveda information courtesy of Dr. Vasant Lad. To purchase his best-selling book, The Science of Self-Healing, click HERE.

Much gratitude to Spirit Nectar for the use of her gorgeous photos! Check out her Insta and her Etsy shop!

P.S. Sharing is good karma!

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