This year for Valentine’s Day, my super thoughtful husband, who totally thinks outside of the box and knows JUST my style (forget obligatory red roses and chocolates-not for me!) planned a really fun, inspiring day for just the two of us to celebrate. It included a trip to Wonderspaces, the all-new immersive art exhibit which is housed in a 24 thousand square foot sleek, modern, industrial-style permanent gallery space in the heart of Philly’s brand new “Fashion District”.

We arrived just as they opened on a weekday at noon. As recommended, hubs had already purchased tickets online for us so all we needed to do was quickly check-in at the desk, fill out the waiver at the kiosk, and hop in line, which was little to none at that time.

We were welcomed warmly by the staff who knew a good amount about the space when the artists will be changing (springtime), even some of the concepts surrounding the works.

And then our journey began….

The first piece we saw was BLACK BALLOONS by Tadao Cern. It’s striking and stark. Cold. Soft but hard. A nice juxtaposition for sure.

We then wandered to one of my favorites, SUBMERGENCE by Squidsoup. I could’ve easily stayed here all day, watching the colors and tempo of the lights change. This would definitely be a top favorite for kiddos. The lights are suspended on rubber straps so it’s pretty durable for any crazy little ones. It’s like walking in a fantasy land…

SWEET SPOT Shawn Causey & Mark Daniell was next. This colorful exquisite display is all about vibrations and depending on where you stand, you can totally feel them, which is such a trip to experience from something still. The frequencies are solid with this one. It radiated with the most beautiful positive energy! I loved being in its presence.

Upstairs there’s quite a variety of exhibits including TWO virtual reality setups. One is super serene animated river ride kids would really enjoy, while the other is a vintage 1960’s dinner party where you learn bits about the first uber-popular said alien abduction. You can read more about that here.

(The case and the couple who were involved in the alien encounter were actually quite famous and were mentioned in many modern-day media outlets, including my favorite spooky podcast Lore, as well as in an episode of The X-Files and American Horror Story: Asylum.)

This was a admittedly a bit odd, but definitely intriguing! To me it seemed like an episode of Mad Men on LSD. I can dig it! I loved the dinner table set up! Great follow through!

Dave’s favorite piece upstairs was SWEEPERS CLOCK by Maarten Baas. This one was kind of mind-blowing. While it simply looked like a video of two guys just sweeping trash, it was actually the hands of a clock! And get this, it was the correct time!!

My top two favorites upstairs were BODY PAINT by Memo Akten

… and SUN by Philip Schutte. In this one the ball is the sun and the sun moves and sets according to how you roll or gently bounce the ball! This was so calming and meditative. I felt like I was on a boat or a beach at sunset. It was the loveliest.

THE LAST WORD by Illegal Art was both motivational and honestly a bit morbid. The piece does allow for you to read what other people wrote. Some entries were down right hilarious and others absolutely brought on the tears. What would your last words be?

Hubs and I had the best time here together! (Good job, babe!) ….and this want even half of it! This is definitely a place I’ll keep returning to in order to see what’s new! It was a fantastic display, one I’m really thrilled and proud to see staying in Philly!

I can’t wait to bring the kiddos back. I personally don’t believe it’s for all kids as some exhibits aren’t so hands on, but all are welcome!

*They offer a discounted yearly membership that comes with discounted guest tickets for those who had recently visited.

Make sure to drop me a line below and let me know how you like it if you go!


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