XYST-Chelsea, NYC

An all-around wonderful dining experience at XYST! The perfect, cozy candlelit atmosphere, beautifully presented plates, great service, and tasty 100% plant-based, cruelty-free food. I was a very happy camper in my element dining here!

This very new innovative vegan joint with a Mediterranean influence is really, really great! It’s not going to be strictly for plant-based folks, but it is going to be for veggie lovers who appreciate impeccable attention to detail and the finest, freshest ingredients.

The plates are a hair on the smaller side, so much that I may even consider them tapas. We had fun sharing them all and that’s what I would personally recommend tasting everything as the dishes are all so intriguing it’s difficult to narrow it down.

We started with the Truffle Cheese Crostini on Focaccia with thyme. Two nice thick slices. I didn’t taste the truffle much but also didn’t mind either. The bread and herbs were just lovely and the “cheese” was very mild…in a good way. I would love to try the cheese board next time!

We also ordered the za’atar carrots with avocado, citrus, and pistachio yogurt. Beautiful multi-colored carrots. Easy to eat, well roasted and dressed.

The beet manti hands-down stole the show for me! They were absolutely stunning and filled with potato and caramelized onion. Cumin yogurt and Aleppo jam dressed the gorgeous plate. The sauces were perfect for a sweet thicker, and a creamy cool dip. Nice balance. I could have easily eaten a hearty portion of just these! The beet flavor wasn’t overpowering or “dirty” at all. Don’t let the beet scare you if you’re not normally a fan. A must!

Kiddos wanted falafel, which I probably would’ve skipped here. It wound up being my least favorite dish, and I feel is such a simple one and not the smartest choice for a menu boasting with such creative dishes. It was a little too thick and hard for my liking, but I thoroughly enjoyed the pickled veggies that accompanied the balls and the perfectly tangy lemon tahini. I do like the choice of three different falafel options, that’s new. We went with green pea and fava. Nice flavor, but compared to the other dishes, it pales in comparison.

The dessert was outrageous! Chocolate cake with orange blossom gelato and candied walnuts. Oh my goodness! The sweet. The citrus. The crunch. Perfectly balanced plate. Not too sweet, just right. Just so very right. The cake came deconstructed and the gelato topped with flower petals. Love the juxtaposition of this plate. And it’s gluten-free!

I’m not familiar with the chef Matthew Kenny, but I do love his mission (“Everything we do is based upon our desire to bring together culinary art and ultimate nutrition. In our efforts to achieve this goal, we employ innovative techniques and creative thinking to prepare minimally processed, plant-based cuisine, that is delicious, vibrant, and nutritious”) and he seems to have a wonderful reputation and following. I enjoyed reading his blog posts on the site also.

I would definitely like to check out his other places too, and would return here again without a doubt…perhaps for brunch to indulge in the rosewater pancakes with spiced maple syrup, toasted pistachio, and rose meringue. Let’s just say that one more time…vegan meringue!! Oh, and the smoked tofu Florentine didn’t sound too shabby either!

Manti & chocolate cake was a solid 5 Star and must-try items.

Parking was available directly out front after 6 pm

Went perfectly with a visit to the Rubin Museum down the street.

We didn’t have reservations mid-week around 5:30 and were seated promptly without issue.

Happy noshing,


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